Friday, April 04, 2008

It’s Friday! It’s Pray Day!

The BAP coordinator sent an e-mail informing us that she was out for the day, but that she was praying for us and our BAP kids to have good session today.

What? That came off as strange. Believe me, I need all the prayer I can get, but stop putting me through hell with all of these dumb ass BAP activities then.

Like last week—an Outburst tournament between the kids? We didn’t even need the board game. The class is thirty minutes long and it took me twenty-five to convince them that “Ass Munchers” and its varieties (They gave 34, if you’re wondering) were not appropriate team names. Lady, these kids are 90% outburst. The other 10% is a cocktail of surly, drugs, horny, ignorance and innocents.

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