Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's the end of the yearbook.

Today’s the one day when I’m invisible. Why? Because it is yearbook day. Sure, I’m ignored constantly during instruction and whatnot, but this is different. Yearbook day literally shuts down the school. They cancel seventh period (which isn’t so bad), so all the kids can go out into the commons and sign each other’s books.

No, today’s different. Today, I’ll be completely unnoticed. It’s useless to try to teach. They’re more interested in passing their yearbooks around and mocking photos. It’s like one of those heist movies where the thieves rob a place during a big boxing match or a horse race. I could slip in and steal anything under the cover of a sea of students pawing over each other’s yearbooks, trying to not write something stupid. Too bad there’s nothing to swipe. Wait, there’s always that stapler.

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