Thursday, May 29, 2008

Testing One, Two, Three

Tomorrow's the day—the first day of finals. There will be three finals tomorrow. I feel like I’m getting to be kind of a grizzly veteran on this whole teaching gig. So let me see if I can predict how they will go.

First Final: Since I have so many kids in this class exempt from the final, it will pretty much be just me and the kids who don’t have a chance in hell of passing. I’m talking about those needing 154 out of a 100 on the test. These kids have accepted their fates long ago. They’ll bubble in the Scantron for the sake of doing it, but will be finished in the first ten minutes so that they can do what they’ve done all year—go to sleep. While they snooze, I'll put their names on their test, since they don’t even do that.

Second Final: This class has a bunch of fence sitters (those teetering between letter grades) in it, so they’ll be in lawyer mode—arguing the semantics of every question, looking for any possible technicalities in the multiple choice questions to have them thrown out. I’ll have to be on my toes. I wish I could cite The People vs. My Foot Up Your Ass.

Third Final: This is my planning period, so there’s no final. Finally, I catch a break and I will have some peace and quiet to get a jump on next week’s end of the year hectic schedule. Unfortunately, I’ll be reading one of those backpacking through Europe on a budget books instead. It’s not that I’m going anywhere this summer. I couldn’t even afford a trip like that. Reading the book will have to do and hell, I didn’t even pay for that. I found it.

Wish me luck!

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