Friday, August 29, 2008

My Fair Lady

Okay, so the first week is almost up, and I’ve already begun to size up some of my kids. In some cases it hasn’t really been that hard. Case in point, I’ve got a girl in my fourth period who I know is going to be a pain in my ass. For every direction I give, for every policy I share, even every piece of advice I have on an assignment, she responds with, “That’s not fair.” It’s her retort to EVERYTHING. Even how I let the students go to the restroom (no more than two at a time, sign-out, sign-in) is “not fair.”

Calm down there, WWJD. Because interrupting my class at every turn is not exactly fair to the other students, okay? Yes, I realize by passing assignments from the front to back denies those in the rear equitable time to finish by seconds (an issue she’s brought up already), but I don’t think there are any human rights violations going on.

I guess her being 0-2 in turning work in is part of her protest. Actually, one of those times was my fault. I took up her work and the kid’s who she was copying off of and gave them zeros.

Enjoy your Labor Day. I hope everything goes fair for you.

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