Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who needs them? We’ve got the Internet!

I was wondering why it was hard to find my librarian. Here I was trying to get in touch with her, so I could get next month’s class visit settled, and it turns out that she’s bouncing back and forth between two schools in the district. Let me explain.

The district had a fifteen million dollar deficit last year. I am not making that up—$15,000,000. Do you see all of those zeros? Therefore, they had to find ways to cut the budget. If they had asked me, then I would have proposed firing the asses who got us so many zeros in the red! But they didn’t, so the asses cut the number of librarians in half, leaving them to bounce between two schools in a day.

Have you guys ever seen those plate twirlers, who spin plates on sticks to a fast paced song? They run back and forth between sticks as the song bops along. The entertainment is in seeing them run frantically between the sticks, making sure that none of the plates fall and break. Oh, by the way, plates break.

That’s how I would describe the librarians’ situation. Actually, that’s not true. The district also got rid of all library aides too. So it would be like watching a ONE armed plate spinner rushing between plate spinning sticks.

I don’t get it. Globally, we’ve opened up information at an unimaginable pace. Technology has just granted access to a crazy amount of stuff. The Internet impacts our lives. Unfortunately, with that has come misinformation at an unimaginable pace. So why are we cutting the professionals who can teach information literacy? I guarantee you that the number of students who cite Google in their papers will triple.

I guess I’ll start worrying about this ISD when they force the librarians to work the concessions at the new multi-million dollar football stadium we have to supplement their income. Give it two years.

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