Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Picking Up From Where We Started

Good Lord! This one teacher just walked up to me and said, “Pete Wentz.” Who the hell is Pete Wentz?!

After saying, “Mmhmm,” like I knew what he was talking about, I remembered that this guy likes to remind me of prior conversations, but he does it in a fashion that resembles Blog tags or something—never the whole story. It sets me into a panic because I always have to respond if he says something to me. It’s not like I can ignore him. At least Pete Wentz is something specific. What if he says something general like, education, or something. I’d really be up a creek then. Education is what is going to save us? The education system is going to be our downfall?

Also, he was referring to something before summer break. Are you kidding me? I’ve forgotten everything from last year. The summer has detached last year from my brains—just like my students. Fortunately, I remembered that he was talking about a ten second conversation that we had about Mr. Wentz’s marriage to Ashlee Simpson.

I don’t know. He’s about ten years older than me. Maybe this is his way of trying to stay hip. I hope that doesn’t happen to me. In fact, when I’m his age I promise to refer to things from my outdated generation.

Hey, how about that The Tony Rich Project?

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