Friday, September 12, 2008

Home Alone

Great—we just got an e-mail informing that the entire administration staff is out today for some sort of district meeting. If there are any problems to report, then we are to direct them to the counseling office. Yeah I’ve got a problem—there’s no freakin’ administrators in the freakin’ building. So much for a captain going down with his/her ship.

How come the teachers get an ass-blasting e-mail reminding us how important it is to be come to work, even if you don’t feel one hundred percent, when too many of us call in sick on a single day, but ONE administrator can’t miss a seminar on how to build a dynamic work environment with the most recent, gimmicky strategy being pandered by some education guru?! Just pick up an extra one of those PowerPoint generated handouts for them, where you can take notes on lines too small to write on that are to the right of the slides that are too small to read for goodness sakes!

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