Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It’s nothing personal space.

Ugh. I’m dreading eating in the teachers’ lounge today. There’s this teacher who sits right next to me everyday. She doesn’t smell or anything. It’s just that there are plenty of other seats available, so it just comes off as–creepy.

This one time when she went to the bathroom, I moved one seat over to only have her do the same when she came back. The next time she goes I’m half tempted to move her tray to another table, but I’m afraid that she would move it all the way back!

I guess I could eat in my room, but hell, even death row inmates get a half-hour of exercise in the yard a day. With my busting at the seams, 38 student rosters I’ve got to clear out of there from time to time. My classroom is beginning to look like one of those college photos from the 1950’s where the fraternity is trying to see how many brothers they can fit in a phone booth.

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