Monday, September 29, 2008


AP Hammer asked the teachers for volunteers next week to eat their lunches in the cafeteria and collect the students’ magazine sales for their prom. Hmm, why doesn’t she ask the students to collect the their sales for their prom? I am a professional TEACH-er and not a MAGAZINE COLLECT-or. The two jobs don’t even sound the same, so why all the confusion?

At the very least their parents can come in and do it. Hell, they’re responsible for 95% of those sales anyway. And what’s with that? I hate to wag my In My Day finger (not really), but there’s no need for parents to do the kids’ fundraisers for them. If they’ve got the Dance In The Gym, DJ’ed By A Clock Radio attitude, then that’s what they should get. High school is Big Boy/Big Girl Time for these kids.

I swear that we’re getting closer and closer to the days where parents will be running their kids’ lemonade stands for them. If that’s the case, then I’m getting closer and closer to running my car up on the curb.

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