Wednesday, October 01, 2008

All you have to do is ass.

I had to reprimand a student today for calling one of her peers an ass. I hated doing it too. Oh, not because modifying behavior isn’t my thing. I’ll whip any kid in line until the cows come home and all with a smile.

No, I hated getting on her because the kid is a real ass. Personally, I’d like to punt him to the moon—all the snide remarks, calling kids “dorks” under a fake cough. I’m telling you. This ass is a complete, well, ass. No matter what I do, he just reverts to his old ways. If I could, I’d call a code red on him. Yet, I’ve got to get on this girl, who is just frustrated with him.

And I know the rest of the kids are frustrated too. I see the signs, but nope he has a right to be in my class and “learning,” though he clearly doesn’t want to. One day, maybe I’ll just toss some towels full of oranges in the middle of my class and lip the lights off—just to see what happens.

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