Friday, October 10, 2008

Miller this over.

I came across this story the other day. I teach The Crucible and I've always feared that something like that would happen to me one day. I don't get it. Every year there's at least one person (student, parent) who think you have an anti-christian agenda because you teach this play, even though you lay all that groundwork with discussions on metaphors and how McCarthyism was an influence.

Plus, let's not forget people that teachers don't set the curriculum. The district does, so stop throwing your outbursts my way. It's like getting all over the fry cook at McDonald's for the uncomfortable seats.

I must admit that this teacher did make one fundamental mistake. The article said the student came up behind her while she was working at her desk. Her back is to the class? Never, ever, ever, ever , ever--expose your back to your students. You're just asking for trouble. I'm like a gunslinger in a saloon when it comes to my desk--back against the wall. That will never change. Unless the school let's me install one of those bulletproof convenience store booths that I have been petitioning for.

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