Monday, November 13, 2006

What a Novel Idea

I had a kid ask me when we were going to read a novel. That gave me what I call, "the excited sweats." I had before me a student that was eager to learn.

"Why?" I asked to confirm my glee.

"I do better with novels than short stories and poems," he responded.

"Do you read the stuff that I assign?" I asked, while already knowing the answer.

He admitted, "Sometimes, but short stories are what little kids read because they aren't too complex."

"Like 'The Mask of the Red Death'?"

Not picking up on the sarcasm, "Yeah, like that."

Obviously that was one of the assignments that he did not finish.

"You know, Tayler," I continued, "Metaphors, alliteration and what not transcend genres. It's not like some literary elements are exclusive to one and not to another. We're not talking about Beta and VHS here."

"What's 'Beta'?" Tayler inquired, "I don't think I read that one."

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