Friday, December 12, 2008

You can bank on it.

Man, yesterday teachers were losing stuff, and now it is the students. One of my kids came up to me looking for a wallet he lost. He was worried because it evidently had a large sum of money in it. I told him that I would keep an eye out for it. Still worried he emphasized the money again with, “I’m talking about a ton of cash. More than you’ve seen.”

How strange. What did he mean? Was he referring to the typical economic plight of teachers? Or, is he Jed Clampett rich? I mean we are talking about a SLHS student.

Because I’ve seen a lot of money before—like in movies about bank robbers. Also, there was this one time where I asked a guy if he had change for a ten, but all he had was twenties. I saw those.

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