Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What would we do, baby…

Crap, I always get caught staring at this one teacher during faculty meetings. It’s nothing creepy on my end, but I’m sure it doesn’t come off that way. The thing is that she looks so much like Elyse Keaton. I didn’t have a crush on the character or anything. It’s just that she looks so much like her. And I’m not talking about Meredith Baxter coming back and doing a reunion show. This is EK, circa 1984.

I know she isn’t Elyse Keaton, but I can’t help locking my eyes on her like if I look long enough she will turn magically into an ageless TV character from the 80’s. To make things worse is that my daydreaming shifts to how much I love the movie, Tremors because it had Michael Gross in it, and that just elongates my stare.

Sure, I could go over to her and explain what’s going on because she does catch me staring (multiple times in a single meeting), but does that make things less creepy? I'm sure it would make her--tremor.

That's right. I ended on a corny joke. What? What's wrong with that?

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