Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Want You!

Someone from central office sent out an e-mail inviting all non-teaching staff to a meeting this week. The meeting is being called Be A Teacher informational session. I’m thinking of showing up in a straightjacket muttering teaching terms like pedagogy, rubric, guided and independent study.

Why don’t lawyers or doctors need recruiting informational sessions? Here’s an idea; let’s make teaching prestigious (that starts at the top, by the way), and they’ll come running, instead of treating it like a time-share seminar!

Oh, I don’t know if that’s the deal. I’m just frustrated. I’m tired of hearing summers off references and “Those who can’t…” from so many bastards. I really am. Then there’s bitching if the kids don’t do well on testing. I’m sorry, but if you neglect your yard, then there’s dead grass and weeds, my friend.

You know what. I’m stopping here. This concludes my Needs the Winter Break to Come Faster rant.

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