Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don’t I recognize you?

We’re all aware that faculty meetings can be pointless at times, but have you always noticed that those pointless meetings are the longest? Take this last meeting for example. Pécan thought it would be a good idea to recognize all the members of every single pointless committee.
The TOTY Committee

The Winter Faculty Party Volunteers (formally the Teacher Christmas Party Committee)

The Recycling Unit
One by one, Pécan announced these groups and had them stand so that we could give them ever so sincere applause.
The Mission Statement Caucus

The Helipad Troop
Then it dawned on me. Why don’t I stand when Pécan presents each group? So I did. This school's so big and so many were standing that no one would notice. Sure I don’t actually belong to any of them, but a hobo teacher needs recognition from his peers too. Besides, it broke up the monotony.
The Morning Duty Crew? Sure, why not.

The Professional Development Group? You bet!

The Maternity Leave Leaders? I practically chair the thing!

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