Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I think I know why four-year colleges are turning into five and six year endeavors for our kids. They don’t know it’s a four-year school.

Today, one of my Juniors wanted to talk to me about going to college after school. I love this guy. He’s one of my Try Harders and, you have to admire that. After talking to him about what he wanted to do with his life, it sounded like this kid should look into an Associate's degree. That’s when I said, “Have you thought about a two-year college?”

“Yeah, two—maybe three,” he returned.

Remember, he’s a Try Harder and that’s what’s important.

As I finished our conversation by reminding him to schedule a meeting with his counselor, I couldn’t help but to imagine one of those post-secondary catalogs being published. It would be called 2009’s Best Two-Year Colleges, Or Three, Or Whatever….

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