Monday, October 27, 2008

EdD Nutz!

I have a friend who is not involved with the World of Education. He’s an outsider, and sometimes he tries to give me advice on my job, though he has no clue what being a teacher requires. I call him Murray Antoinette at these times because it’s like telling the peasants to eat cake when they’ve run out of bread--out of touch.

For example, this last time he suggested that maybe I should go back to school and get my doctorate. When I squawked, “What?! Why?!” his response was that he thought advancement might make things easier on me because he can see that I drown in the work at times.

What he doesn’t get is that this job is murder regardless, and no degree can serve as a balm. No, the this gig is just too messy for something like that to make a difference. The reality is that the only advanced training that could help me in this job is ninja training. Then I could strike these jack-a-ninnies with deadly force and slip back into the shadows!

Plus, the outfits look comfy.

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