Thursday, November 06, 2008

Like a Bulletin to the Brain

As you can tell I don’t really pay too much to the student announcements. Hey, if I need to know it, then it will be sent to me in an e-mail. Shoot, if I don’t need to know it, it’s sent in an e-mail. Now, I know that the kids may need this information repeated, so I post a hardcopy of the announcements to my bulletin board. That way I don’t have to put anymore thought into it and get on with teaching. I thought it was a good plan until one of my kids had a question concerning today’s announcements. He missed what the start time of some club was.

I just pointed over to the board and reminded him that he could check there. Well, I didn’t get the reaction that I was expecting. No, he just stared at me for a few seconds, looked over his shoulder towards the board on the other side of the classroom, then brought his head back around to fix his eyes on me again.

I couldn’t believe it. Rather than walking over there, he wanted me to tell him the information. At least I hope that is what he was wanting. My expectations may still be too high. He may have wanted me to carry him over to the bulletin board.

It was crazy. I decided to break eye contact, but he just stood there. It was like he was a dog doing one of those silent begging routines while I ate a piece of fried chicken. He even shifted slightly to remind me that he was still there.

If only I had a newspaper handy to smack his snout.

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