Sunday, November 16, 2008

I demand a recount (in my favor)!

Talk about your sour grapes--this lady really attacked this Dartmouth student who beat her out for the county treasurer position with the help of Facebook connected students at her school and Plymouth State University. The loser is upset that an unqualified student was placed into office by naive classmates who were easily persuaded.

Dude, she goes to Dartmouth and it's a part-time job. I'm mean if it was a kid from my 7th Period or something, then I'd be worried that they would invest the county money in slushies and earbud accessories. I'd feel okay about giving an Ivy Leaguer a shot. And don't give me that 'she brainwashed students' crap either with her Facebook ad. Like that only happens to college students. Do you know how many dumb-ass people in their 30's were saying Whassup? when that fad was going around?

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