Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Do you eat your own burgers?

Got two e-mails from a counselor yesterday. The first was announcing that a fast food chain in the area was giving out a free hamburger to all educators for one day only. Soon after that the counselor sent out a second e-mail telling us that the information was erroneous and the chain was not honoring such a commitment. She apologized for being duped and not verifying the information before e-mailing us.

I don’t really care about that. Even if they were giving out free heat lamp scorched food, why would I want that? I hate to sound snooty, but teachers deserve more. The time it takes to go get one would throw me off an already impossible schedule of grading and lesson planning, and the damn place has a drive-thru for Pete’s sake! No, if I have to stop treading water for a second then forget it.

Plus, we’re talking about showing appreciation by feeding us McHeart Attacks. Really? Documentaries and books have raked the industry over the coals for the negative impact it has on the health of Americans. Why not give us cigarettes, baby oil for tanning or a beer funnel?

Well, the last one sounds like it may come in handy a times, like during finals week.

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