Monday, December 15, 2008

Cooty Canes

So today is a dead day. I can’t take any grades because finals start tomorrow, and today is supposed to be a review day. Sadly, not much reviewing gets done. Another thing that happens during this time is rampant eating by the students. To be honest, I don’t really fight it on days like this. What’s the point? You have to pick your battles, right? Besides, sometimes their treats are punishment enough. Let me explain.

This one genius is clowning around with a candy cane. You can tell he really wants attention. He’s sticking the thing up his nose, in his ear and even pretends to stick it up his ass. It gets worse. He then sticks it down his pants and does the old candy cane erection trick.

Just as I’m about to write the referral he begins to eat the thing! That was enough of a punishment. On top of that he put it in his pocket to finish later.

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