Thursday, February 01, 2007

Club Kids

Yesterday, after school, I covered for the Anime Club sponsor. Yes, you read that right. I owed her a favor. What can I say; a teacher will agree to anything in the heat of the moment—especially when they are in desperate need of dry-erase markers.

Now, I don’t want to rag on any extracurricular activities because they contribute to well-rounded students, but do these kids need to meet after school for this? I mean these kids are always boning up on their Anime skills in my classes while I’m trying to teach already. I turn around and there they are, drawing these asexual sprite-like characters... with names like Zee-Zu and Star Hugger. Everyday is Anime Club for them, if you ask me.

Actually, I do see the benefit in the club because I would have never have known that these kids speak if I wasn’t there to see it. Remember, in my classes they have their noses in their sketchbooks. Even when I ask them questions, it tends to garner nothing more than a head-bob or the shrugging of shoulders.

Not that they have anything profound to say at these meetings anyway, unless you want to know the inner-workings of Nerd-dom. I witnessed discussions on such topics as:

Strategies on role-playing games

Who knew that a 12-sided die could be so complex?

Which is the superior of the elfin races?

Can’t they all get along?

Is the tantō the new partner to the katana or is the wakizashi here to stay?

Don’t worry; I had to look those up too.

You’ll notice nobody talked about dating…

I really shouldn’t tear these guys up too much though. I do have a Boba Fett action figure encased in Plexiglas... for, uh... investment purposes.

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