Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Video killed the teacher star.

After school yesterday, we had a professional development video on bullying in schools to watch. I'm thinking, great, I want to learn how to be a better bully. There should be some good pointers. I kid.


I always keep my fingers crossed that they've updated it, but it was the same one we watch every year. Perhaps, some of its staleness can be contributed to the fact that they use actors instead of real teachers.

"After intervening the aggressive activity, I sent the two into neutral zones for moments of reflection."

Could you imagine if they had real teachers giving accounts of what they've seen in their schools? They'd either be shell-shocked, chain smokers, who fade in mid-sentence and stare off into space, or it would be one of those scenarios where we only see their silhouettes and their voices are modulated to protect their identities, out of fear that the bullies will recognize them and extract revenge.

The only thing more laughable than the actors used are the suggested techniques given to break-up bullying situations. My favorite advice for when we come across a student bullying another is that we should make a loud clapping noise. Supposedly, "the sharp sound will shock the student enough to where they will cease, thus providing an opportunity to intervene."


The day I do that is the day they've invented a Clapper-activated can of Mace.

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