Wednesday, January 24, 2007

If you find an easier assignment, bring it in and I'll match it!

I got a new freshman today. Actually, it would be more fitting to say that I got an “old” freshman today. He is, in reality, a sophomore, who is retaking the spring semester of freshman English—from two years ago. That’s right. You didn’t read that wrong. It’s okay. Let it sink in. Go back and read it again, if necessary.

Since we’re into 4th week of the semester, I had some assumptions to as why he is just showing up now. I know that I’ve seen this kid in the hallways, so he didn’t just move here. That left me with either a counselor screw-up (They did almost get me killed after all) or the kid must have just been paroled.

After inquiring from the young man, the reason was the prior, with an emphasis on screwed-up policy. It turns out that the kid wasn’t getting along with his previous teacher this past month, so they decided to drag me into it. Evidently, there’s nothing like kowtowing to every student’s desire, to prepare them for adulthood.

"Well, why weren't you getting along with her?"

"She had me doing writing the first day back."

"We all had our students writing on the 3rd. All the freshman English teachers keep the same schedule. It's not like we’re vying for your business. I don't take competitors' coupons, there's no 0% APR, and if you turn in your homework in the next 30 minutes, you don't get a paring knife as a bonus gift. Your old teacher has a job to do and I have the same job, so I'm sorry that you had to waste all that time switching your schedule."

His extended silence gave me a tickle in my chest as it seemed that I was on the verge of thrusting this child one step closer to maturity—until....

"Can I have a counselor's request?"

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