Monday, January 08, 2007

Let's Tardy

Calculus comes in later and later now. It started last semester and is now getting out of hand--to the point that I had to say something. I mean it has cut back on movie hour, but I still had to reign her back in. If something bad happens to her on my watch, then that would be awful... for me... because I could lose my job. Then what?!

I kid, but you have to know Calculus. She's not out getting into trouble instead of being my room. Most of the time she's just been held up by all of the school postings.

Like today, when I went looking for her, she was at a STUCO poster catching up on the details of last month's fudge drive (they're a little slow on taking that stuff down around here). The day before that it was an ad to go to Madrid with the Spanish Club over Spring Break.

So see, she's not out breaking into lockers, but reading... with her lips moving... finger guiding the way... and a confused look on her face... you know what, maybe I shouldn't let her watch so many movies and thrust some books in front of her to get that reading level up.

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