Monday, December 18, 2006

Organ Music

Now, I've complained in the past about those district-wide e-mails that have news about specific employees, who I have no idea who they are; and the odds of us crossing paths is closer to none than it is to slim. Every once in a while an e-mail comes along though that I need to read. We all need to read it.

The e-mail I'm referring to announced that an elementary teacher has successfully recovered from her 2nd kidney transplant (one for each) and she is scheduled to return to her position in the spring semester.

What?! Two kidney transplants and she's not going to take some extra time off?! There's a reminder that I need to suck it up from time to time.

Instead of showing that ridiculous motivational video with obscure quotes set to an Enya song at the beginning of the year, they need to get this lady in front of us. She wouldn't give a speech or anything. She would just shout.

"Oh, boo-hoo. Teaching is hard. Yeah... try it with two bad kidneys."

"Wow, teaching all day sure has made me hungry. It's a good thing that my body can regulate my fluid volume and mineral composition... wait a second... why it couldn't do that at all!"

Let's just hope that she's not doing it for Teacher of the Year at her school. They're getting rid of the spaces, ya know.

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