Thursday, December 14, 2006

Film School

I had originally feared that I wouldn't have enough to do for Calculus, my student aid. Well, I was right. For weeks now she has been bringing in videos to watch. At first, I tried to discourage this by giving her random, pointless tasks to do. What else am I going to have her do? Grading? Develop lesson plans? Call parents?

"Uh, I need all the dry-erase markers pointing east."

"Do you mind double checking to make sure the numbering of the textbook pages is accurate?"

After she finished making all my pencils even length, I decided not to fight it any longer; and it's been a movie marathon ever since.

She started with "Laguna Beach" DVD's, so I'm now all caught up. Now she's showing me stuff that I "just have to see" because each is, "like the greatest movie ever made."

I'm scared to death that Pécan or Hammer is going to walk in and demand answers. I'm not sure which issue would be easier to address: Why I've allotted school time for a student to watch movies? Or, why they made a Legally Blonde 2?

That last question leaves me at a loss for words.

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