Monday, December 04, 2006

I think that I'm coming down with a code.

This past weekend I decided to go up to the school and get some work done. Plus, it was freezing outside--snotsickles on the tip of my nose cold.

Well, the school alarm went off. While the sirens screamed, I scrounged around for the number of the district's security office. The number I found was a recording that gave me the number to call if I wanted to get in touch with security. Can somebody explain that to me?

When security finally came, he asked me if I tried to turn off the alarm myself. Huzzah! I wasn't even aware that I was privy to such information! So I asked him if I had access to that number to which he responded, "No."

Okay then...

While this conversation went on, we got to the room where the control panel for the alarm was located and the security officer then unlocked the door. I asked if teachers ever had access to this room. His response was, "No."

Why would the guy ask me if I tried to shut the alarm off if:

1) I'm not allowed to have the deactivation number?

2) I can't have a key for the room where the control pad is?

Was there a missing key? Was he trying to pump me for information?

I couldn't help but to imagine this whole suspense movie scene, where this facility had been breached by an international rag-tag group of mercenaries; and the only thing that stood in their way was this ordinary security officer, with a checkered Green Beret past that has been thrust into an extraordinary situation.

Why am I imagining this? Well, I do get bored very easily, but it's because I just didn't want to believe that this guy had just asked me such ridiculous questions.

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