Monday, November 27, 2006

Art Depreciation

Like I said I didn't do any school stuff over the break. Nope, instead I caught up on sleep and reading. I was so behind on my reading that I just got to this article from a couple months ago.

If you're so against your kid seeing nudity that you deem a museum to be too graphic, then don't sign the permission slip. And don't say that you didn't realize that there would be nudity on display in an ART museum. That's like a vegetarian eating MEATloaf and then claiming ignorance.

I hope this kid's parents don't have aspirations of their child becoming a doctor.

"Excuse me, what's this anatomy thing that they have to study?"

Oh, and it's nice to see that the administration was just waiting for the flimsiest excuse to get rid of a teacher with 27 years experience.

In my spin doctor voice--"Uh, well she had has lesson-plan preparation issues."

What? You approved her plan to go to the museum. Or, did she sneak these kids out of the building under the cover of darkness?

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