Tuesday, December 05, 2006


These are desperate times, folks. The face-lift of SLHS is still not complete. With major portions of exterior walls still missing, we get knocked by chilling gusts of wind; which was great for creating atmosphere for my Edgar Allan Poe unit, but come on. The conditions are wearing us teachers thin and if things don't improve, then I'm going to start acting on my hobo instincts.

I mean it, if they don't get these walls finished soon, then I'll have to...

... snake one of those school sweatshirts that they give to the hoochies in dress code violation.

... sit on my overhead. It'd be like a makeshift burger light to heat my fries with.

... break into the school's stash of the booze that they confiscated from the students--just for a nip.

... somehow justify starting a trash can fire in my Fahrenheit 451 lesson plans.

... give bonus points for hugs.

You know it's cold when I start doing that.

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