Thursday, December 07, 2006

Let me rephrase that.

Remember how I used disinformation to get back at that farting kid. 'Member? Let me just say, "Problem solved." I haven't heard a disruptive peep (or should I say, "poop") from him since. He's even getting work done now that his jack-a-ninny time has been freed up.

It makes me wonder if I could use the tactic again and again. Let's say I've got a kid jacking around, or is always sleeping, or has their mobile phone out. Why couldn't I--express a concern--of--you know--drug use--to the proper channels.

The first "this assignment is gay" out of one of my knuckle heads prompts an e-mail to the nurse, alerting her that I have a child acting strange.

I don't have to just get the nurse in on it either. Check it out:

"As his counselor you should know that Marcus is wrestling with sexual identity at the moment."

Like I said, there's no limit to what situations this can be applied:

"Help! I can't keep Britonnee awake! Bring the stomach pump!"

"I think Reginald is being bullied in gym class and therefore doesn't take time to shower. How else could his stench be explained?"

"It is my belief that Carl is hiding cheat sheets up his nose. Why else would he have his finger up there?"

We've got about a week left before the break. This might be the perfect time to test this new Hobo Teacher tool.

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