Friday, December 15, 2006

Space Case

You guys have heard me talk about Teacher of the Year, or TOTY (pronounced "toe-tee"), right? Well, one of the perks was that you get a parking space right out in front of the school for a year, instead of in the back with the rest of the teachers. Now, for those of you that noticed I said it was one of the perks, raise your hands. Keep your hands up if you see where this is going.

Today, we got an e-mail from Pécan informing us that this year will mark the last year of the parking spot being awarded to the TOTY. The reason provided for such a modification is that Ms. Hammer, the new AP added this year, needs a parking space. This is the same woman that sends out a mass e-mail at least three times a week informing us that she will be off campus for the entire day, so any business concerning her needs to be directed towards Associate Principle Striker. Yeah, she sounds like somebody that needs to have a space. Let her hump it from the back parking lot like the rest of us. She certainly wouldn't have to do it as often.

Really classy--I can almost hear Pécan as he typed the message up. "Muh-Ha-Ha-Ha! What are the teachers going to say? A true teacher of the year wouldn't care about losing the spot because the true teacher of the year does it for the kids. I've got them trapped."

First of all, the TOTY isn't the only one that does it for the kids. And none of us do it for the money, obviously. Second, a little recognition is nice. It's not so much as having a space, but what the space has. All these years the space has been adorned with a sign that says, "Reserved for the Teacher of the Year." That way, though it's not much, the outside world knew that you do a great job.

What sign are they going to post to inform the world now? I guess you could put "Principal is Never Here."

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