Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ritalin on the Wind

I just read an article where Israeli scientists found a natural oil-based alternative to Ritalin, which is great if it proves to work because we're talking about no more side effects. It would be great for the children. Yes, the children. Okay, okay I'm happy for someone else too--namely me.

Raise your hand if you get those emails where "Johnny" is changing his dosage, so we're instructed to make scientific documentation and report back. Then Johnny sleeps for the next two weeks in your class and does no work. You call the parents and relay this to them. Then, this is where they remind you that, "Well, Johnny has modifications and he struggles at times." You read off the modifications to show that "doesn't have to turn anything in" is not included in the laundry list. If you're lucky, then they say that they'll speak with Johnny. Of course, they could take the low road and say something like, "This isn't an honors class," which isn't necessary because you're reminded that all day, everyday and in ever so many ways.

To sum up I would like to quote a teacher friend of mine: "You can't modify a zero."

I guess that I could turn the zero into a smiley face, but that would just seem like I was rubbing it in.

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