Thursday, December 08, 2005

Is that your final answer?

With the end of the six weeks I give the kids their grades. Even though I don't have to because they will get a report card Monday. I don't do it out of the kindness of my heart, but instead so I don't have a bunch of seventeen year olds crying and pouting. Like I need another reminder that this generation is full of around the clock whiners.

On the card that I give them it says, "final six weeks grade" and then has a numerical grade next to it. Well, my whole plan to shut them up has already back fired because the question of the day was, "Is this the grade that will be on my report card?"

What's not to understand about "final"? Look it up.

I'm sorry about that. I busted out laughing when I suggested that my kids use a dictionary, but I'm back now.

My point--I wanted to say, "Well, that depends. You still have the fan call-in vote to be tallied. Plus, that immunity idol is still out there and is up for grabs. Yes, Regis--that's your final grade. There's no need to cut to the sponsor. You are the weakest link. Good-bye."

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