Friday, December 09, 2005

Junky Mail

The school decided to give grades 9-11 their transcripts at 7:10am this morning, which is 14 minutes before first bell. Let's see, 3/4 of the school in 14 minutes... carry the 3... yep, that comes out to one big screw-up. To add a little spice, just before school started an announcement was made over the PA that said, "If you don't have your transcripts, then come and get them! Make sure you hurry back to class!"

Well, one of my little hurriers came back to class 32 minutes after it started. I was kind of stuck because that "hurry back" came off from Principal Pécan as carte blanche. Not knowing what to do, I emailed Pécan asking whether I should count "molasses" tardy or truant. I have the following to report:

8:32--Pécan sends out an email announcing the date and time of the school's holiday party. He has not responded to my email.

9:46--Out goes an email to remind teachers that Wednesday is the last day to sign up for Secret Santa. No new email.

10:57--Pécan announces that the cafeteria has added two new vending machines! Nothing on my situation.

11:16--Nothing comes in at all.

1:12--Pécan sends out an email announcing the date and time of the school's holiday party a second time. Unclear if this email was intentional. Still nothing.

2:22--Pécan sends an email telling me to count the kid tardy.

No problem. Yes, I've got to sign like three forms to clear up an attendance problem. Sure, I'll be at school for five more hours. I'm just glad that I now know that I have more access to root beer and diet cherry caffeine-free cola with those new vending machines.

Now I just sound like I have my priorities all mixed up.

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