Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hooray for Hollywood

Ah the dead days just before finals. Yes they're pointless, but I guess we have to get that attendance money. So I do what everyone else does and show a movie. I stuck with the people's choice, Dead Poets Society. Of course while watching the film, the students get exposed to poetry being entirely subjective, the ripping up of books, and playing soccer during English class. That's when they say something like, "Why isn't this class like that?"

That's when I have to remind them, "The same reason we don't go to see The Wizard to ask for your brain. The same reason we don't try to figure what Kane meant by 'Rosebud.' And the same reason we don't hook into The Matrix to take on Agent Smith. Because it's a movie."

It's funny how they always miss the fact that Mr. Keating (Robin Williams' character) is teaching a group of driven, motivated students who care about their education. But, it's not like I pause the movie and scream, "Why don't you take notes like that?!"

I'll tell you what, the next time I run into a group of my students reading poetry in the woods, then I'll let them stand on top of their desks.

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