Saturday, December 24, 2005

Jeff Bridges, John Carpenter, released back in '84...

Hey, everybody! I'd just thought that I would check in with you guys. I'm sorry for being MIA for awhile, but this will happen if you let a teacher out of his/her cinder block cage during the daytime. I've been freakin' Starman this past week; everything has been new and wondrous to me. Who knew that the TV judge that wears a doyley could be so vicious?

I'm writing because I forgot to tell you something that happened last week. Things just got so busy and I was in such a hurry to start my vacation that I'm not sharing until now. I got a new student last week. No, it wasn't a schedule change. This was a brand new student--two days before the final. Yes, that meant that I had to give him a final. Grrrreat.

And there's nothing that can really be done. If the parent wants the child in school, then so be it. This does bring up the question of "Why?". Why would the parents want him in for half a week? Sadly, that's a first year teacher question. We battle-worn teachers would wonder if the enrollment was court ordered. Which I never really understood because these kids are usually enrolled in school when they're arrested in the first place. Who knows, maybe my substanceless final will make a difference. Grrreat.

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