Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I smell another sequel.

The school district has mandated that we have a practice state assessment exam before the real one in February. This will be the third practice test this school year. Practice, practice, practice! There's nothing like constant repetition for higher level thinking. I mean the test will ask the students to sit, play dead and say, "pretty bird," right?

By the time February rolls around these kids are tapped out. Heck, I'm tapped out. At times I feel like we're recreating the operation count-off scene from "The Dirty Dozen."

One: Find your seat; we've just begun.
Two: The bubbling in of personal information is through.
Three: Eliminate the obvious wrong answers there be.

And so on...

It makes sense because half my boys need to shave anyway. Of course, most of "The Dozen" died in the end. If you haven't seen the movie, then go and rent it. Come back and you'll laugh your head off. I promise.

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