Monday, June 13, 2005

You say work shopping, I say food shopping

Ah summertime, it's been nice so far. The hot nights are much easier to manage than the cold ones. Still, teachers are never really off. We do have that professional development to do. Luckily the seminar that I am attending this week is at another school in the district, so I had a whole bunch of new pillaging to do. I'll tell you what--teachers are so desperate to get out that last day that they leave all kinds of stuff behind. One man's frayed extension cord is a hobo teacher's new belt!

Even better was one of the activities that we did at this seminar today. We participated in an activity for GT students so that we can have an insight into their world. The task called for a group to get together and build a table out of dry linguini and masking tape that could hold a textbook. You know that I was psyched about that noise. At the end of the day I only had to pretend that I forgot something and ran back into the classroom to pick through the garbage.

Sidenote: I prefer trash cans over dumpsters. Dumpsters have more opportunities, but it's so much more of a physical ordeal.

Now, sure, the adhesive on the tape may be--a little--toxic. But, MSG is in food all the time and that's supposed to be bad for you--right??

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