Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I guess brown shirts were already taken.

For the past three days the faculty and staff have been receiving e-mails from Pécan about a mandatory meeting tomorrow with the school district's superintendent. Coming along for the ride is a film crew for next year's promotional video, so we have special instructions:

"You must wear khakis. You must wear green or gold polo shirts. If you don't have a polo shirt, then you must wear a spirit shirt. If you don't have a spirit shirt, then you must buy one. See Mrs. Goldman for prices. Cash only."

I guess we're going to show the world what a happy family we are, even if it's staged beyond all get up. "Here at SLHS you're not a team unless you're in a uniform!" Are we one step away from posed photos like P.O.W.s? We'll be playing volleyball--drinking cider in Christmas sweaters. Is there something wrong with seeing a bunch of misfit teachers busting their tails to educate their students?

What a novel idea.

Well, I'm going to have to dig deep for this one, literally--from my pile-o-rags. Kids have been leaving stuff here for years and I have centralized them into a pile/bed/nest for myself. A few months ago I came across a "Class of 75'" shirt. On the back it says, "Seniors Are DY-NO-MITE."

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