Thursday, April 21, 2005

Well, I feel like punching you in the neck

I had instructions on the board for students to grab a copy of the class set of books we were using for the unit. This is a fairly reasonable process, right? It is unless a kid comes in and announces, "I feel like throwing this book across the room," and, of course, he does! All the way across the room!

I can't tell you what I did next because I was so enraged. We're talking about "I See White Light" rage. I do remember shifting back and forth between yelling and writing the kid up ("And another thing..." kind of stuff). Not my best moment as a teacher.

No child left behind--including the social misfit that would have thrown his own feces, if the book wasn't handy. I swear that I'm teaching tomorrow's asses today.

Yes, I know that this child could be experiencing some personal problems and we as teachers need to be prepared to help them. The thing is though, a hobo teacher has so very little that we get overly protective at the drop of a hat (or a book). We can't have anything happen to our few meager possessions. I'm like a mother bear protecting her cubs when it comes to my books.

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