Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Spring Break (a reprise)

Nose back to the grindstone. Alas, Spring Break is dead but, just for a moment, long live Spring Break!

I thought I'd give you a recap on what went down when nobody else was around.

It really was a busy, busy week this week. If I wasn't raiding refrigerators, then I was diving for golf balls in the lap pool (trust me, it's fun). But the most exciting thing was that floor cleaning / zamboni looking thing. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. You always see the custodial staff riding them around the cafeteria or the hallways late at night or early in the morning (having all the fun while you are mulling over lectures, lesson plans, and grading).

Well, score one for the teachers. I hopped on that thing and had a field day all week. The best thing about that thing is it's speed. No it isn't fast, but slow. It moves like the freakin' Pope mobile. I'll admit it--I lined up the trophies from the trophy cases and did a little parade through the main hallway.

I imagined all my co-workers and colleagues lined up with their students along the hallway, classes interrupted, all out to have a parade in honor of little ol' me. You see, usually I have to take my classes out there in that hallway and wave and clap for the debate team or the football team or the polo team or some team that won some state title. Don't get me wrong. I love celebrating every single state title we win here at SLHS but, quite frankly, it's about time someone gave me a standing ovation, gosh darnit.

Of course, I spent the weekend finding a way into the security office.

I have a week's worth of video in my briefcase if anyone wants to do some Spring Break reminiscing.

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