Friday, February 18, 2005

Bond, School Bond

Let me first say that I love big schools. In my social circle, we call them Pay Dirt Highs. Bigger schools mean more treasures thrown out as trash. Bigger schools mean a bigger lost and found. Bigger schools mean that you have a better chance of flying under the radar. And all of this good fortune springs forth from the community coming together and voting for school bonds.

The problem is that bigger schools also mean students can go wild with little chance of consequence.

In my hallway alone there are 216 lockers and I am the only classroom. I know better than to stick my nose in that mess.

Let the History teachers remember the Alamo not me, thank you.

You take 216 horny students (add 216 more horny girlfriends/boyfriends of the week), give them six minutes to get to the third floor, two buildings over and you've got one big equation for chaos. I just hear the vulgarity being spit out and see objects fly by door and I'm A-bomb drillin' it under my desk like we used to back in the day.

Yes, bond money is a good thing--it makes the schools bigger, thus meeting many needs. Just earmark some of that bad boy, so a brother can get a helmet... a haz-mat suit... a bubble... something.

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