Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The H.T. Statute of Limitations

Every once and a while I like to treat myself, so I go down to the school's lost and found. I never steal or anything like that, but there is something that I call "The Hobo Teacher Statute of Limitations". If there is something left down there for the six-weeks, then I can only assume that it is unwanted goods.

So how it works is this, I go down there and give a general description of an item (like a coat, a hat, whatever) and nine times out of ten I come away with something. And most of the time it is nice, so I could look hip or be able to make a good trade.

Hey, I'm not saying I'm proud of it or anything like that. But, a Hobo Teacher's gotta' do what a Hobo Teacher's gotta' do.

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