Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I don't support burning books, but...

So I was talking to a couple of my colleagues the other day. We were discussing the deluge of grading at the end of the semester. The teacher across the hall told me that when it's time to do that much grading, she just grabs a handful of papers, drops them in the bottom of her BBQ pit, and throws on a couple of t-bones.

Lucky stiff.

I usually just use my research papers to kindle the ol' trash can fires in the alleyway.

Steak for dinner, ramen for lunch... my co-workers have it made. She must be married to someone who makes a living wage or something. I bet you she landed a mailman or a sanitation worker or something.

I've got to start dating again.

Happy Holidays and keep your fires burning (whether BBQ pit or trashcan).

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