Thursday, February 10, 2005

So, how many of you drive Ford Expeditions again?

The fun never stops.

This morning, after a good forty-five minutes of morning announcements (and with a good solid ten minutes of instructional time left on the clock), the secretary at the front desk breaks on the loudspeaker one more time:

"Pardon this last announcement. There is a Ford Expedition in the student parking lot with its lights on. Please go turn your lights off."

Naturally, half of my class rises from their desks (some in mock exit, some in earnest seriousness).

Tempted... curious, I stuck my head out in the hallway.

Who would've guessed? Half the school drives Ford Expeditions.

I guess it would have been too much trouble to read the license plate number or tell us what color it was.

I know, I know... it's my fault. I forgot to ask the students what make and model cars they drove at the beginning of the year... and record that in my student information database.

Yeah. That's my fault.

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