Saturday, March 05, 2005

Not for your viewing pleasure

"Can we watch Napoleon Dynamite instead of reading The Great Gatsby today?"

"Well Stephen, it's interesting to compare Napoleon's yearning for tots to Gatsby's self-destructive tendencies found in his pursuit of Dai--NO WE CAN'T WATCH NAPOLEON DYNAMITE! THIS IS ENGLISH TIME AND NOT MOVIE TIME."

They'll memorize every line to Old School, but will they even pick up the Cliff Notes to Crime and Punishment?

Plus, the only time they'll get literary is when they are trying to get me to let them bring in a tape of last night's The OC.

"If you think about it Sir, the lesbian storyline closely parallels the very same one found in The Color Purple."

"You read The Color Purple?"

"They made a book out of a movie, Sir? That's weird. It's usually the other way around."

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