Tuesday, March 08, 2005

At least they don't kick me in the shins when they say it.

Things have been kind of hectic with research papers lately and kids from classes have been coming in before and after school for extra help. It's strange, yet neat to see my classes mix. I get so accustomed to seeing only certain groups all the time. The same assortment. I know it doesn't work this way, but we trick the mind that they stay in the same packs all day, never to see one another.

Like this afternoon I had a 7th perioder and a 3rd perioder meet in my room, both working on their research paper. They get so much more animated, like a bond is made through the new knowledge that they both have to endure me every day. Also their guards tend to drop in their new found intensity.

"What are you doin', after this?"

"Oh my God--I have to go to freakin' History for freakin' tutoring."

"Who do you have?"

"Phillips--he's so freakin' hard."

"I've got Austin. I love her. She's the best teacher ever."

Ouch kids, I'm in the room. Hobo Teachers have feelings too.

I realize I'm a far cry from "the best teacher ever," but what if I just went down the rows in class and said, "stink, cheats, sucks up for grades, just plain dumb, picks his nose, doesn't shower after gym, has crush on nose picker," putting frankness before politeness?

I'll save that for what I like to call, "Last Straw Day."

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