Saturday, April 30, 2005

Snub(bed nosed) again

One of the assistant principals stuck her head in my room yesterday, surveyed the class, and slipped out without a word. I figured that I would get an e-mail from her catching me up to speed. After a few hours of nothing I had to make first contact. It drove me nuts. The conspiracy theorist in me feels like these AP's are trained in mind games.

She responded that she was just looking for a good room to do a random weapons search and didn't think my room was a good candidate. Really? Oh, I'm sure none of my kids had weapons, but I'm a different story. There's my sock of change--you don't want that coming at your head. And you know I had at least a couple of broken bottles around somewhere. But the kicker would have to be that spear I rigged with a stick and a pen knife that I use to collect cans.

I'm lethal, I tell ya'.

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